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Unique Holiday Gifts


We’ve all got that special someone, but not necessarily the right gift for them. That’s why we at Gadget Review have banded together to find some great, unique gift ideas that won’t fail you ever. Just be sure your tech-savvy recipient doesn’t already own any of these precious commodities, because...


Pocket XShot Camera Extender


The Pocket XShot from, you guessed it, XShot, is a retractable monopod extension for your camera, that at 6.5 inches folded, will do a pretty good job of fitting in your pocket. Extending to 30.5 inches, it gives you enough distance from the camera to photograph yourself without looking like...


Privacy Protecting Underwear


If you’re an old fashioned kind of guy, and you care about old-timey values that are on the verge of extinction – like privacy – here’s an underwear design that’ll keep you safe during airport screenings, while giving you a certain look reminiscent of ancient Greek athletes. Jeff Buske’s invention...

balanzza-mini luggage scale

Exclusive: 30% Off Coupon At Balanzza


For a limited time Balanzza is offering 30% off to all GadgetReview readers.  Just head to their site, choose the product and use the coupon below to receive the discount at checkout.  Balanzza has a variety of product, but mainly they provide portable luggage scales, great for the holiday travel...


Exclusive: Lemur Monitors 50% Off And Free Shipping Coupon


For a limited time Lemur Monitors is offering a 50% off coupon to all GadgetReview readers.  If you haven’t checked out Lemur now is your chance. They’ve got three products: EconoDriver which keeps you posted on your fuel and gas mileage; SafeDriver, which encourages your teen to drive safe; and...

Psyko Headset

Exclusive: Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset – $200 After $100 Coupon


Pysko Audio has been kind enough to offer GadgetReview readers an EXCLUSIVE $100 off their 5.1-channel gaming headset.  That’s $299.99 – $100 coupon (GADGETREVIEW) = $199.99 = S&H!   Don’t be fooled.  The Psyko Gaming Headset doesn’t use DSP to emulate 5.1-channel surround sound.  It uses 5 speakers just like...

Delorean Hard Drive

Back To The Future Delorean Replica Hard Drive


There was a time in the 80s that Michael J Fox had to go into hiding because he became so popular from the Back To The Future movies.  While that fame may have fizzled out, the Delorean, an iconic vehicle from the era continues to mystify anyone who saw the...

thanko keyboard silencer

Thanko, For That Quiet Keyboard In Us All


Because nothing spells fun quite like your hands looking and feeling like a sweaty hamster in a zoo sauna, Thanko’s quiet keyboard cover will let you enjoy that experience, on top of  silencing your typing. If you ask me, the silencing part is more like a bonus, really. It will...


FOKI Floor Cleaning Shoes


Those crazy Japanese are at it again, fighting bacteria every chance they get, every way they can, hilarity ensuing effortlessly. The FOKI floor cleaning shoes forget all about nature’s intended use of our hands, as implement wielding wonders of dexterity. I imagine it would take about a billion steps to...