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Pinky Phone

Pinky Blueetooth PinkySet Hack Lets You Talk Into Your Pinky


After a good bit of pussyfooting and finally finding the necessary amount of can do attitude, Tait from hackaday.com decided he would indeed be able to modify his prosthetic finger to include a Bluetooth handset. Tait went about his business starting from an ear-mounted Bluetooth module, then extended the volume...


Most Mysterious iPad Game Ever Probably Vegetable Related


Fun filled family game’ that rests on your iPad, finding some mysterious use for it while looking like a vegetable steam cooker? Check. And from the name – Yoomi Duo – it’s probably Japanese in origin. It sells for $39.99 at Toys”R”Us, and has gone missing on its maker’s website....

Palm Pre 2

Palm Pre 2 Now Available For Purchase


Not sure if anyone cares at this point, but the Palm Pre 2, from HP nonetheless, is now available for purchase direct from HP’s site.  This one is without contract so it will cost you $449.99. Verizon is said to pick up the phone shortly.  In terms of specs they’ve...

Fascinate Pro 2

Samsung Fascinate Review


[Rating: 4.5] Pros: Amazing screen, great picture quality and sensitivity Touchwiz UI is the best to grace Android yet Camera great for shooting in well-lit areas Cons: Connectivity can hang at times Camera suffers in low-light Apple set a standard for smartphone makers to reach over three years ago. Since...


First Look: ZipBud Headphones With Zipper Cord


We first heard about the ZipBuds last year at CES 2010.  Then news broke that they were soon to be released via their Facebook page.  Well, guess what?  They finally showed up at my door yesterday. The ZipBuds are all that they’ve been marketed to be.  Sound wise they’re pretty...


AT&T, T-Mobile And Verizon Build Isis Phone Payment System


AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are coming together to form a quick pathway for your money to get to where it wants to be going, straight from your phone. And with the three giants covering just about everyone using a mobile, that’s a rather large pie they’ll be getting a piece...

Xmas Ornaments Wirless LED

Wireless Christmas Glass Baubles


Get these wireless remote controlled Christmas tree decorations, because, while there’s many other things you could wish for during the Holiday season, nothing will geek out your tree more than these. Although I’m sure if I googled all of two minutes, I’d easily prove myself wrong. But any Jabba the...