Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Phosphor E-Ink World Watch-3

Phosphor World Time Curved E-ink Watch Review


[rating: 3.5/5] Pros: Uses E-ink technology Looks cool for the money Easy to read display Cons: No backlight No chronograph Watch band is not replaceable Last year I checked out Phosphor’s E-Ink Digital Calendar Watch. For the most part I liked what I saw. This year the company released their...

GorillaMobile iPhone 4

Joby Gorillamobile iPhone 4 Tripod System


My week just wouldn’t be complete without some sort of announcement from Joby.  Yes, they’re on a product release tear and today they’ve launched the GorillaMobile for iPhone 4.  It’s got all the Joby fanglings you’ve come to expect and includes a rubber case with built-in rail system that makes...


Holograms Draw Nearer To Good Framerates (video)


The first holographic display was MIT’s handiwork, and it dates back from 1989. Much science fiction featuring holograms has been written since then, many episodes of Star Trek have been churned out, and it’s almost time for every hologram-fantasizing nerd to be avenged. University of Arizona researchers managed some time...

PrecisionAIM Pro

Madcatz PrecisionAIM Controller Review (Xbox 360)


[Rating: 3.5] Pros: Tight controls, stiff buttons Excellent art decal Cons: Rubbery feel, bad for sweaty hands Rear buttons are too small to press $50 is steep for a wired gamepad When a controller releases for a console, that’s really not a big deal these days. Not unless it comes...

Samsung Continuum

Samsung Continuum Keeps You Abreast With “Ticker” Screen


Ain’t nothing gonna slow Sammy, as in Samsung down.  Yesterday, the company announced yet another Galaxy S variant, the Continuum.  They say it’s the world’s first smartphone designed with a dedicated ticker display, which provides users with up-to-the-minute news, sports, finance and social networking updates.  Ticker display? It’s a 1.8-inch...


Rocketman Does Double Loop In Winged JetPack


Yves Rossy is a Swiss adventurer slash dare-devil, known for flying across the English Channel in nothing but office clothes and a winged jetpack. Office lies aside, sporting a new version of his jet-pack and the right kind of flight attire, on Friday he managed to pull of two aerial...

hasbro my3d

Hasbro My3D Kaleidoscope Adds 3D To Your iPhone


We’ve seen screens that can produce 3D images sans glasses – the iPhone IS NOT one of those.  Enter Hasbro’s My3D.  It’s a throw back to the device from the 80s in which you placed paper thin circular cartridges into a comparable looking device that allowed you to view images...


Electroadhesion Today, Spiderman Tomorrow (video)


SRI International is a company with a very common name, that’s come up with an uncommon solution that might soon become very common in robots and various appliances performing common tasks. Their electroadhesion technology can probably be applied to just about anything you can imagine, from garbage gathering spiderbots to...


3M Filtrete Water Station


Anyone with taste-buds can appreciate the difference in quality between unfiltered tap water and filtered. The problem with most filters is how slowly the water passes through them. It’s a drip-drip process that will make you forget that you wanted some water in the first place – or – if...


‘Beautiful Modeler’ Is Virtual Putty For The iPad (video)


Taking advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities, “Beautiful Modeler” is an app duo from Karl D.D. Willis that literally puts virtual modeling-clay into your hands. But in order to work it, you need an additional Mac hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network. The Mac shows the model you’re working...