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Gamepad-Like Stick-On Buttons For The iPhone and iPod Touch

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With games for smartphones becoming more complex and playable, and getting more and more of the user’s attention, there might be born a certain need to add a physical dimension to the gaming experience. Holding a small device in your hands is of course reminiscent of portable consoles, and those...

Crux case

Crux360 Case With Keyboard For The iPad (video)


The high decibel sound of people arguing whether tablets or notebooks are a better buy may be what’s causing the depression epidemic. That, or the economy, it was a tight race last time I checked. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s called the...


Fable Is World’s First Wireless Children’s Tablet


The Fable, very appropriately named, and even more appropriately designed, is the world’s first wireless children’s tablet, and probably the world’s first real children’s tablet of any sort. It was built by Isabella Products in partnership with powerful Boston publishing house Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which really, is so very appropriate,...

lego nxt

Lego MindStorms Factory 2.0 Rocks Our Brains


The Lego Mindstorms – Factory 2.0 is fully functional and this video shows it in detailed glory. It was recording during the LegoWorld 2010 even taking place in The Netherlands, from October 20th till Obtober 27th, in the city of Zwolle. The factory will take your Lego Digital Designer designs...


Blackboard iPhone Case (video)

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Okay, you got us.  The Blackboard iPhone case concept, called iBlackboard, is far from practical since whatever is written on the case will most likely get rubbed off when you put it in your pocket, but you gotta give them some props for trying.  The iPhone’s OS includes a Notepad...

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 4 - 03

Mophie Juice Pack Air Review For The iPhone 4


[rating:2.5/5] Pros: Slick design Visually attractive Easy to use Cons: Battery life is not up to snuff Smears and smudges easily Heavy and bulky Battery cases are a dime a dozen these days.  Mophie was a front runner in this category a few years back and we’ve just received their...

Free Google WiFi

Google Holiday Gift: Free In-Flight WiFi

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Tis is the season to give and Google shall do so once again by providing Free in-flight WiFi to all, regardless of if your naughty or nice.  You’ll need to fly AirTran Airways, Delta, or Virgin America to score the deal, and no, you can’t stream porn and it’s domestic...

Nano Pro

iPod Nano Review (6th Generation)

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[Rating: 4.5] Pros: Excellent design and user interface Touchscreen more accurate than 99% of smartphones FM radio, finally! Cons: Small. Small enough to lose very, very quickly As gadgets get smaller and smaller, we begin to reach the absurd size problems we remember from Zoolander. The departure from the past...