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Lumix GF2

Panasonic Lumix GF2 Gets Micro Four Thirds Right

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Micro Four Thirds cameras are all about big reductions in price and size compared to normal DSLRs, while only suffering a small quality penalty – if any. The first generation, while delivering good images, weren’t exactly tiny cameras. On the other hand, Panasonic’s GF2 fits that bill, being 19% smaller...


First Look: Kinect


It’s Kinect. Microsoft’s baby, their biggest hardware release since the Xbox 360, meant to revolutionize gaming, specifically for everyone who doesn’t want a controller, forever. Here’s our first look from installation to an hour in!...

Binatone iHome Android Phone

Binatone Android Home Phone


Looking for a sexy home phone?  Look no further, because Binatone’s iHome Phone is just dripping with allure. It’s an Android affair with a 2.8-inch 320×240 touchscreen and DECT connectivity.  There is a microSD card slot for expansion, WiFi b/g for checking email, viewing videos and browsing the web, an...


Jot Holder With Suction Cup


The Jot is a small suction cup device with two small knobs that let it hold a variety of stuff you might want to suspend around your house. You like scribbling stuff wherever you may find yourself? Stick a Jot and attach a pen to it. Charger cords that otherwise...


Gigabyte T1125 Dockable Touchscreen Tablet


The Gygabite T1125 is an 11.6 inch touchscreen netbook with a keyboard that can be swiveled, turning it into a tablet. Then the whole thing can be docked, becoming a desktop. The selling point here is the tablet’s power – with a Core i5 or i3 ULV processor, it may...


From Tokyo With Love Electronic Spy Camera Shirt


This camera shirt is totally inconspicuous and will turn you into a contemporary indie frat-boy spy, untrained videographer and pervy voyeur liable to get arrested, all in one swift move. Though not exactly the kind of digs James Bond would wear, the thrill of your little video secret should make...

Grace Digital GDI-IRD4000 Allegro Wireless Internet Radio-2

Grace Digital GDI-IRD4000 Portable Internet Radio Review


[rating:2.5/5] Pros: Built-in WiFi Headphone jack output means you can add speakers Accompanying iPhone app with no setup required Built-in battery charger Cons: Somewhat sluggish performance when navigation menus Subpar sound quality Small screen w/ cryptic menus Box feels cheap It’s not new news that Internet Radio will forever be...