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Gomadic High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Review


[Rating: 4.5] Pros: Holds 2-2.5 iPhone 3GS charges Convenient, light, includes flashlight Cons: Connectors are small and easy to lose iPhone owners, specifically anyone without a brand new iPhone 4, have battery problems. It’s something that happens with older phones, and the iPhone is no exception. With a day’s worth...

SpringBoard Razor Scooter

Springboard Razor Scooter


Poll any self respecting parent and they’ll probably tell you that the last thing they want their kid playing with is a skateboard or scooter – pretty much anything that insures a fractured skull is guaranteed to boil the blood pressure. But if we can table those fears for a...

Viewsonic Viewpad

Viewsonic Viewpad 7 and 10 Now Official


It wasn’t a question of if, but when Viewsonic would debut a tablet computer.  And that day was yesterday. The company, which is primarily known for their computer monitors, released the deets on their 7-inch and 10-inch tablets.  And while they share the same form factor the hardware and even...

Microwave Stirring System

Auto Microwave Stirrer


If you’ve ever reheated liquid (e.g. soup, coffee, etc) in the microwave then you know you must remove it half way through reheating, stir and then restart the process in order to achieve an evenly distributed temperature.  Otherwise, you might end up with hot spots and burn the bejesus out...

Xbox 360 2010 Holiday Bundle

Xbox 360 2010 Holiday Bundle


Here is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle for 2010.  It includes a 250GB hard drive, console, a copy of Forza 3 and a token for Alan Wake full game download from Xbox LIVE. You can expect the bundle to roll out to retailers over the “next few weeks” for the...

Dashlink iPhone Dock

Dashlink Harley Davidson iPhone Dock


There are a million iPhone and iPod docks for the car, but what about motorcyclists?  Or in this case what about Harley Davidson motorcyclists? Enter the Dashlink Docking Console.  It’s actually a replacement fuel tank complete with dock, line out audio, power and integrated volume control through the stock handlebars...

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