No one is commenting and there is no way to verify this story, but according to a WSJ source Apple is set to begin production of a Verizon Wireless compatible iPhone by the end of 2010.  The phone supposedly uses a chip produced by Qualcomm and will be ready for retail sale as soon as Q1 of 2011.

If that isn’t enough unfounded info for you in one post, WSJ has gone as far as to say that Apple is already developing a new iPhone with a new form factor.

As you can imagine, and as we’ve already stated, neither Apple or Qualcomm were available for comment. Duh.

Look. It’s obvious that AT&T’s reign over the iPhone has to end at some point.  2011, 2012, or 2013 are all logical dates because they’re in the future.  Furthermore, AT&T will of course release a new iPhone and has of course already started working on it.  It’s not like they release a new iPhone design and then rest on their laurels.


Christen Costa

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