William Ultrasonic Humidifier Is Very Handsome

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Winter is fast approaching, and with it come the staples of the holiday season. You know what I’m talking about – massive overindulgence in every habit known to man, including the turning way up of every heater in the house.

But one only need to look at deserts and other landscapes of the hot persuasion to notice that with heat comes dryness. But why put up with dry holidays when you can pump the humidity up and feel like you’re kicking it in the tropics?

That’s what the William Ultrasonic Humidifier is all about. It exudes soothing vapors over a maximum area of 1000 square feet, and something called a Ionic Silver Cube lets it do it without turning your house into an incubator for mold bacteria. Which is good if you don’t want the whole tropical experience.

It costs $229 and can output a total of 3.5 gallons a day, while consuming only 40 watts. And believe us when we tell you, as humidifiers go, the William Ultrasonic is very good looking.


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