Nothing says Halloween like a Star Wars costume.  Old or young and you’ll know what it is and if you chose wisely you’ll be the admiration of every party.  So without further ado here is our list of Top 10 Star Wars Costumes.

10.  Chewbacca Collector’s Edition Adult Costume

Unless your 7-feet tall you’re just not gonna live up to the real Chewy, but you can try with this ultra realistic and ultra expensive ($399.99) costume.  The body and suit are separate so you can take breathers, as are the gloves.  Included is Chewbacca’s sash and murse (man purse).  The reviews are bit mixed on this costume so buyer be ware.

9. Naughty Darth Vader

We don’t know too much about this costume and we’re assuming you can’t buy it.  Then again strap on some latex and buy a Vader helmet and you’re in business.  Alls we know is that Darth Vader never looked so sexy.

8. Ewok Toddler Costume

This costume is just straight up adorable, plus it only costs $18.99.  This little guy can lead the pack and if it’s the ladies you’re trying to impress – single dads I’m talking to you – then you know this is a home run.

7. Darth Vader Dog Costume

I don’t think too much explanation is needed for this one.  Talk about a chick magnet.   It includes headpiece/helmet and a jumpsuit with attached arms, cape with belt.  You can nab it for $14.99.

6. Emperor Palpatine Deluxe Latex Mask

At just $44.99 I’d say this mask is a steal.  Toss in a rob and you’ve spent less than $100 for a convincing and very authentic Star Wars costume.  The mask covers your whole head and the pupils have been cut out so you can see where your going, what you’re drinking or who you’re hitting on.

5. Boba Fett Supreme Edition Adult Costume

This costume has all the fixings for a winner.  It includes Jumpsuit, Braids, Belt, Ammo Belt, Gloves, Jetpack, Mask/Helmet – you’ll have to get your own boots, which is lame considering the cost ($799.99).  But for that money you get the next best thing to the movie prop.  Piss of any ladies and you’ll be thankful since the suit has an armored cod piece.

4.  Stormtrooper Supreme Edition Adult Costume

Take your party to the next level with this costume.  Like the Boba Fett costume you’ll need to find your own boots, but they’ve tossed in the black jumpsuit that features molded armor pieces – chest, back, and lower back pieces, codpiece, belt, shoulder and bicep pieces, gauntlets, thigh, knee, and shin pieces.  They’ve also tossed in the gloves and the mas k. It’s a painful $799.99.

3.  Sexy Princess Leia Adult Costume

This thing is cheap at just $46.99.  But forget JT, Leia just brought sexy back…to the Halloween party.  How else do you think it made it into the number three spot?  You’ll get a dress, wig and belt.  Something tells me the women reading this won’t mind searching for their own boots to accompany this outfit.

2. Darth Vader Collector’s (Supreme) Edition Adult Costume

We couldn’t have a top 10 list of Star Wars costumes and not include Vader.  This costume has been available for years, but good things never get old…or is it die?  Like all Supreme Editions you’ll need to find your own boots, but the attention to detail in the mask, chest plate (it lights up) and suit is uncanny.  And rightfully so since it costs a cool $799.99

1. Home Made R2D2 Suit

This guy’s/costume takes the cake, or should we say all the candy.  The suit is made completely from scratch – he started with a garbage can – and is replete with LED lights, motorized wheels and R2D2 sound effects. Inside is a set of cooling fans, because even robots break a sweat. It’s probably safe to assume that this guy takes home the gold this year for the best, most awesome halloween costume.

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