While having the perfect set of abs may or may not be a deal breaker for some, carving out this difficult muscle group can be quite the accomplishment.  Especially if you are over 30, just ask The Situation.  To help you achieve said success comes along the Perfect Sit-Up.  From the makers of the Perfect Push-Up and the Perfect Pull-Up, the Perfect Sit-Up effectively isolates abdominal and core muscles to allow you to look and feel the way you’ve always wanted.  Shredded.

The Perfect Sit-Up assembles with ease and doesn’t weigh all that much, but the storage will be up to you.  It breaks down in the same manner as it’s set up although you’ll find yourself wanting to keep it intact as much as possible in order to stay enthused about using the Perfect Sit-Up on a regular basis.  I found the Perfect Sit-Up to be a bit awkward to store in that it couldn’t really sit against the wall without slumping over and took up a fair amount space on the floor (for those of you living in small spaces).  NOTE:  When you buy this product brand new it does come with a wall hanger, my review unit did not unfortunately.

The Perfect Sit-Up was generally pretty comfortable all around.  The head rest was buoyant and felt more satisfying than a sink while getting shampooed at a salon.  The hand grips felt firm and and didn’t get cumbersome after extended use.  The foot clips were smooth, fit fine when barefoot or when wearing sneakers.  The back rest cushion also padded my contours, but made those back fart noises that you may have heard from the mats you use at the gym.

As far as exercises go, I found some to be more effective than others.  Any time where I had to twist my body to do an oblique crunch I felt way too constrained with in the confines of the Perfect Sit-Up.  Just so it’s known, I stand at 5’10″ and weigh around 150lbs.  I totally fit the Perfect Sit-Up no questions asked, (with leg blades fully extended), but was at odds with the design when trying to twist with the machine.

What I also found was that the Perfect Sit-Up made a clicking sound every time I was in mid crunch.  This could either be a indicator that your movement has gone far enough or a problem with my review unit.  I found no mention of it in the directions whatsoever.  I didn’t bother me, but drove my roommate crazy.  Be warned.  Other than the missing “clicking” information, the instructions contained step-by-step directions to get started with more than a handful exercises.  I would have liked a DVD that demonstrated the movements, but I’m sure all of that can be found online.

If you’re new to the whole abs scene, the Perfect Sit-Up would be a great way to get started.  For those of you that already have an established workout, the Perfect Sit-Up isn’t really going to open your eyes to some magical abs oasis.  For $99, the Perfect Sit-Up could be an excellent addition to your home gym and if they had one at the 24 Hour Fitness I go to, I’m sure people would use it.  With that being said, I enjoyed my experience with the Perfect Sit-Up, but wouldn’t call it an imperative piece of equipment in my weekly routine.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Great for beginners
  • Most exercises feel right


  • Some exercises felt awkward
  • Not as useful for experienced people
  • Weird clicking sound?

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Jeff B