This pocket sized device allows you to spray 3D polygonal models straight onto the fabric of reality. The average man-sized model takes under half an hour to complete, and all the ingredients needed can be found in your kitchen or trashcan. Kind of like how they fueled the car form Back To The Future, only this is for 3D artists.

Actually, no device involved. These awesome from-the-computer-screen-to-the-art-gallery sculptures have to go through Susy Oliveira’s imagination and talented hands first. She calls it ‘a compromise between sculpture and photography’, and achieves the effect by using a foam frame around which she builds the sculptures that simulate polygonal computer art.

She wants to examine “our preoccupation with replacing nature with fabricated versions of itself”, and highlight the “opposition between the round aspects of sculpture and the flat aspects of photography, much like bringing a virtual model into a real space.”

If you’re not much into art theory, suffice is to say: “very cool.”