Sony teaming up with navigations systems industry leader TomTom sure sounds like some heavy artillery being pushed around. They promise the “ultimate package of technology, innovation and style”, a match-up of TomTom’s mobile navigation chops and Sony’s undeniable audio-video mastery.

The new systems, XNV-770BT (7-inch widescreen display) and XNV-660BT (6.1-inch widescreen display) feature TomTom’s maps of the U.S and Canada, with a full year of free upgrades and all their advanced navigational technologies – all to numerous to talk about here.

Sony talks about the displays as being some of the brightest and highest contrast screens in the business, with fully capacitive touch motorized panels and USB-1 wire connectivity for synching with smartphones. The GI is described as stylist, with large buttons, and Bluetooth has not been left out.

Finally, audio is rendered through Sony’s Center Speaker Organizer system which creates a virtualized 5.1 channel surround sound that is highly customizable to the user’s tastes.

The models will cost $1,300 for the XNV-770BT and $1,000 for the XNV-660BT, available nationwide at Sony dealers.