Brando’s MIDbot takes your laptop for a stroll around the house when you’re away, patrolling ominously and rather slowly, but what do you want – this ain’t 2030.

Billed as an ultra low cost ‘telepresence robot’, it’s not really a robot, more like a chassis with one interactive robot arm. It gets its real time video capabilities when you mount a laptop to the chassis. From there on it’s business as usual, with the video feed accessible through popular webcam software, the likes of Skype and Yahoo.

You watch the cam feed and control the robot’s movements, including the arm. The wheels are height adjustable, in case you live on a rocky outcrop and want to spy on the neighbors.

Range is limited by the Wi/Fi system in place in your house, so plan well or you’ll lose contact with this fragile trooper. Cost for getting a peek of the intruders before they nonchalantly step on your little robot – $319.