There’s something about E Ink watches that is undeniably smooth, like they’re not just a way for manufacturers to take advantage of a trend. Maybe it’s the look of metal and “paper” together, it just says understated and classic.

Phosphor is one of the premier makers of E Ink watches, and the latest addition to their catalogue is a model that can display the time from 24 timezones. It has twice the contrast of an LCD panel, so it needs no backlighting even in direct sunlight. Which means it doesn’t have the “electrical” look. Also unlike a standard LCD watch, the battery will last for years, and we think that’s not an overstatement.

The Phosphor World Time watch has a curved steel face, costs $150, and you can choose between rubber leather or steel wristband. Being a timezone watch, it’s obviously meant for traveling – and for that it looks good, and should be durable.