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Solidmicro iPad Case

iPad Battery Case Provides Two Fold Of Power


We’ve seen like a gazillion cases for the iPhone that double as a battery pack.  But now that SolidMicro’s iPad Battery Pack has been brought to our attention we can’t think of a comparable product. By this point you’ve probably figured it out: it’s a case that fits around the...

Clover Digi Cam

Mr. Digital Clover Keychain Sized Camera


These days its all about hi-def this hi-def that.  But what about lo-def.  I’m not talking about a throw back to analog.  But sometimes products that you can kick around and not give two sh*ts about are a nice break from our glistening and oh-so fragile iPhones. The Mr. Clover...

Sony Ericsson KDDI 16mp Camera Phone

Sony Ericsson Dishes 16 Megapixel Camera Phone To Japan

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We thought 12 megapixels for a camera phone was bananas, but apparently the monkeys at Sony Ericsson disagree.  (We hope you got the monkey/bananas reference). Soon Japanese carrier KDDI will offer a 16 megapixel shooter inside SE’s latest S006 smartphone.  Under the hood is a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, an Sony...


Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Review


The most common way to control a computer is through a mouse, but a mouse requires lifting your hand and moving your arm. A more ergonomic solution is to use a trackball, which lets your hand rest in one place. Although trackballs aren’t as popular as a mouse, the Logitech...

Oil Painting Cell Phone Jammer

Oil Painting Shaped Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

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Why, when and where you’d use the Oil Painting Shaped Mobile Phone Signal Jammer is a bit of a mystery, but where there is a product there is certainly a way. Perhaps it would be best suited for a wedding ceremony or reception? Rumors of a cell phone signal jammers...

Snow Ball Weapon

Winter Weaponary: Snow Traceball


Reign supreme on the snow ball field this winter with the Snow Traceball.  It’s shaped just like the Xistera used in Jai alai – balls in that sport reach speeds of up to 188mph.  The base of the weapon/toy has a built-in mold for shaping and packing snow balls for...

iPhone 4 Metal Back

iPhone 4 Metal Back Is An Easy Install

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Worried your iPhone 4’s glass back is gonna shatter one drunken night?  Yeah, I would too, especially considering my penchant for consumption. Fortunately, there is an aftermarket alternative that can save you from many sleepless nights. It’s the metal back for the iPhone 4.  You simply need to unscrew some...

Logitech F540

Logitech F540 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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In front of our media centers, the hardest thing to get around is keeping the sound down. Why bother buying a great surround sound system if you can’t use it? Then again, other people in the house have this nasty habit of sleeping, especially when a good movie is on...