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Simplehuman Sensor Can

SimpleHuman Sensor Can Does Some Of The Heavy Lifting

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Despite the brand name, Simplehuman’s latest trash can is relatively complex.  It’s called the Sensor Can and it can ‘sense’ when to stay open for an extended period of time or not open at all. The sensor is strategically placed on the top of the can and fires directly up....

Marshall Headphones

Marshall Teases Us With Guitar Amp Inspired Headphones


What is it about a cardboard box with heavy print slathered all over it that makes it so attractive?  We’re thinking it’s some sort of hipster association, but whatever it is, it’s cool. This is a teaser shot of Marshall’s headphones, the same company that makes guitar amps.  We don’t...

Facetime Mac OS X

Facetime Calling Coming To Mac OS X


Finally!  You can now make and receive calls on the Mac using Apple’s Facetime talk.  So now iPhone 4 users can finally call someone using the tech.  Apple says they’re releasing a beta version of the software today. You can grab it at We’re assuming this nomenclature will be...

V-Moda Vibrato

V-Moda Vibrato Headphones


It’s been almost two years since V-Moda launched the Vibe II headphones, so it only seems fitting to update the product and keep the same form factor, right? Wrong. These are the V-Moda Vibrato earbuds and they look EXACTLY the same as the Vibe II headphones, yet V-Moda says they’ve...

Boxee Box-1

Boxee Box Finally Gets A Ship Date


If you preordered a Boxee Box you can now expect it to ship to you as early as November 11th.  Doesn’t Boxee know that’s just days after the release of COD Black Ops?  I mean come on, everyone and their mother will be so consumed with FPS fraggin’ they won’t...


Deafen Common Thieves With The Siren Padlock Alarm


The Siren Padlock Alarm is a metal padlock which looks like any other metal padlock you’ve ever come across, which is why it might be effective against someone otherwise able to disable an electronic alarm. Once unlawfully disturbed it will blast the perp and your neighborhood with a 10 second...

Filterless Air Purifier

Filterless Air Cleaner Rocks The Clean Air

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The Japanese are always ahead of us in terms of health technology. They have to be, in order to sustain their work hours – and while that part of their lives is not enviable, the veritable omnipresence of negative ion generating gadgets in their workplaces is. Negative ions have long...