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Harmony TV Remote Control App For Logitech Revue Now Available


The Harmony Remote Control App has the quirky distinction of having become the coolest remote control app on the market straight from its opening day. And now it’s available for Android devices. The app will have all the features found in Logitech’s physical Harmony Remotes, and will work on the...

Gopro Hero 960 HD Camcorder

GoPro HD Hero 960 Extreme Sports Helmet Cam (video)


This past September GoPro introduced the HD Hero 960.  It’s a cheaper version of the HD Hero and shoots 1280×960 video at 30fps as opposed to 1080p.  As a result it costs $179, $100 less than its high rez brother.  It also lacks the HD Hero’s expansion port which allowed...

Apl Shoe 2

Concept 1 Shoes Too Good For The NBA


The Concept 1 shoes are the first to be banned by the NBA in its 64-year history, based on a rule against ‘unfair competitive advantage’ that increases a player’s jumping ability. That confirms Athlethic Propulsion Labs’ claims that their Loan’N’Launch technology, located to the front of the shoes, gives anyone...

Dell Alloy Edition Inspiron 15R

Dell Alloy Edition 15R Inspiron


Dell has a special addition to its Inspiron 15R line of laptops. Introduced this summer, Dell’s line-up was missing precisely a 15.6-inch Alloy Edition with silver colored aluminum with laser etched patterns on the lid and a matching palmrest. As far as specs, your options are similar to the rest...

Brammos Inertia Plus Bike

Brammo’s Enertia Plus Electric Commuter (video)


Some time next year I will be forced to swallow hard and get over the temptation to exclaim: ‘Wow, that’s a pretty good looking electric car,’ or electric motorcycle, as the case may be. Clearly electric vehicles are coming into their own, and they’re increasingly doing it in style. It’s...

palm pre 2

HP’s Palm Pre 2 Hooks Up With Verizon And Brings WebOS 2.0


Coming to Verizon Wireless in the near future, HP’s Palm Pre 2 will carry a new version of WebOS, and looks almost identical to its predecessor, safe for a glass screen replacing the previous plastic one. QWERTY keypad, slider design, 320 by 480 pixel 3.1-inch display, it’s all virtually identical...


LEGO Follow Focus Wins Hearts And Minds


There seems to be no clear way of knowing who came up first with a LEGO follow focus, and whether it was a cine-style system for video cameras or a still photo follow focus unit, but two things are for sure – people are excited about them and content with...


MIT’s Portable Solar-Powered Desalination System


I n the Massacusetts Institute of Technology’s idea of the future, there’s a large portable desalination system that will provide 1,000 gallons of water per day to third world villages, at a cost of $8,000 per device. But right now they’re done inventing a smaller, 80 gallon per day version,...