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PSPGo Price Cut

Sony PSPGo Price Cut Coming


Looking to buy that someone a PSPGo this holiday?  Good news, because Sony just announced that they’ll cut the price of the handheld gaming system by 20%.  That means it will soon cost $199 (was $249) in the US and 16,800 yen (was 26,800 yen) in Japan.   The price...

Spywatch With Snake Cam

Spy Watch With Snake Cam


At first blush this is just ANOTHER spy watch.  It can record up to 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio or snap 2000 still pictures.  There is also a variety of games, which without much of a doubt will bore you to tears in a matter of minutes....

All 3 Headphones Oct 22, 2010 1-34 PM

3 Reasonably Priced Headphones For The Gym Compared

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If you spend any amount of time running, lifting or biking then you know music is paramount to a successful workout. But there is nothing worse than your earbuds lunging out of your ears mid stride let alone shite sound quality. We took a look at three reasonably priced buds...


Chris McCaw’s Giant Cameras


Chris McCaw is a bit of an engineer. After selling his very expensive medium format camera in order to make rent, he somehow got into DIY and built himself a replacement for $150. Not content with just replicating his former camera, he started supersizing his new engineering hobby and came...

GE Hybrid Light Bulb

GE Lighting Betters the Compact Fluorescent Bulb

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The one thing people dislike about Compact Fluorescent Lights, now that they’re mostly not mercury laden anymore, is their low initial brightness upon turn-on. With that in mind, GE Lighting has added a small halogen capsule inside their new hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs, making them turn on instantly to a high...

Fat Burner

CoolSculpting Non-Invasive Body Contour Procedure


Having invasive surgery to get rid of fat instead of using diet and exercise should be frowned upon. But a non-invasive procedure that can attack resilient fat deposits, that’s another thing. Totally cool by anyone’s standards. It’s a fact of life for most people that they don’t have the time,...

HP Slate-2

HP Slate Resurrected From The Dead


At this point in the game the HP Slate is sort of old news.  And just when we thought the tablet device was dead in the water, HP goes and officially announces the product.  We’re not sure on the exact launch date and they won’t tell us when review units...

Flipster Flipflop

Flipster: Foldable Flipflops


The Flipster’s name ain’t exactly marketing genius at its best, but we suppose it works.  What are they?  A super thin flip flop that folds up and includes their own carrying case. They’re targeted towards women who carry around an extra pair of footwear just in case their heels become...

motorola defy

T-Mobile’s Rugged Motorola Defy Gets A Launch Date


T-Mobile just tweeted the launch date and price for the Motorola Defy. Starting November 3rd you can get it for $99 with a two year contract, and it’s being pushed as a tough, rugged phone, although it’s not a slow device by any means. With an MHz OMAP 3610 processor,...