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Sennheiser PC 360 Gaming Headset


Sennheiser’s got the price to value ratio cornered in the headset market, and for a while now, they’ve entered the gaming market by adding microphones to their headphones. Their newest and biggest model is the PC 360, which is selling for $299, not exactly cheap – but cheap for Sennheiser...

T-shirt Canon 3

Gatling Gun T-shirt Canon


The geeks shall have the last laugh after all!  This T-shirt Canon can fire up to 3 shirts a second at a range up to 150 yards and can be controlled, position included, via a remote.  The canon itself weighs 160lbs and was built by Team254 of Bellarmine College Prepatory...


Magnestick Skiing Chairlift For Children


The Magnestick Skiing Chairlift Accident Prevention System is a good idea that started as a way of keeping kids safe on ski lifts, and then evolved into a little more than that. While wearing small and light – at a mere 200 grams – backpacks with a metallic plate on...

Carbon Fiber Renard GT

Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Does Badass for $96k


Despite its aggressive dark build and $96k price weighing down hard on onlookers, the Renard GT’s monocoque body only weighs 24lbs. It’s stiffer than a traditional frame, and obviously much lighter. On top of that, most of its aluminum parts are manufactured from solid billets, no casting involved, and the...

filament lamp

Contemporary Old-Style Carbon Filament Lamps


London based design studio Scott, Rich & Victoria, started by New Zealanders Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle specializes in experimental furniture. Part of their ‘Year Apart Collection’, designed over the span of a year, is The Filament Lamp. Combining contemporary style with a 19th century build, it’s a light whose...

I-Tec Maverick Is The First Flying Car (video) (update)


UPDATE. You couldn’t come up with this one if you were a Hollywood screenwriter. A man named Steve Saint just got the first flying car certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. Saint, a Christian missionary, runs i-Tec, a firm that stands for “indigenous people’s technology and education center” but whose...

Perfect Sit-Up - 1

The Perfect Sit-Up Review


While having the perfect set of abs may or may not be a deal breaker for some, carving out this difficult muscle group can be quite the accomplishment.  Especially if you are over 30, just ask The Situation.  To help you achieve said success comes along the Perfect Sit-Up.  From...