There’s talk of the NITC’s 3D audio 62 channel system, and every writer is mentioning that NITC stands for National Institute of Information and Communication Technology. What they fail to mention is that we’re talking about Japan’s NITC, because no way something as crazy as 3D sound from a sphere reminiscent of the Death Star would come out of any other country’s government programs.

What you need to know about the NITC’s audio system is that it tries, and apparently succeeds in recreating the actual feel and spatial propagation of a sound – be it a voice or an instrument or some other kind of recorded sound. It uses 62 independently driven channels to achieve this effect, and its representation of sound even takes account of things like where a sound’s location in space should be and what its orientation and motion in time are.

The really good thing about this is that it will probably put an end to the debate about vinyl being so much better than digital, with the drawback of having to dedicate an entire large room to your sound system, and having to steal it from the Japanese government.