Cost of making your kid impervious to bullies? $21,600.

Possible cost to society resulting from outfitting a young boy with a Japanese built 400lb hydraulic mech-suit? Does not compute.

Children are not the mellowest of creatures, and boys especially are given to nightmarish fantasies and terrifying outbursts. So we must all breathe a sigh of relief that Sakakibara Kikai’s does not intend to sell his infernal childhood-on-steroids machine, and the price stated above is just an approximation.

The Kid’s Walker, innocently named, as if to lure unsuspecting parents into shelling out the cash sometime in the future, stands 5’3” tall and, as one can tell from the video, it glides ominously across the ground at considerable speed while letting its metallic claws hang by its sides.

Mankind’s only hope after a group of rogue kids break into Kikai’s laboratory and turn themselves into relatively cute looking cyborgs? The Kid Walker can’t negotiate obstacles or climb stairs, so you’re probably safe inside your home.

Until the groceries run out.