For the 30th anniversary of cult hero and videogame legend Pac-Man, many of us have shed a tear, but Moleskin did one better and came up with these Pac-Man themed notebooks.

It’s a limited edition series, obviously, so get in while you can. The notebooks have their own Pac-Man cover art, and there’s mini-stickers you can add to top it all off.

Five notebooks in all, plain and ruled available, sizes ranging from pocket to large hard cover. There’s also a set of 4 large Volant soft covers in celebrative packaging, which are seriously colorful.

It is the 80s, after all. While the soft covers are colored themselves, and they only have a grey Pac-Man icon on the cover, the hardcovers have plenty of pixilated goodness from ghosts, fruits, Game Over screens and, of course, Pac-Man himself.