Look beneath your computer table. You’re not seeing Line Block Cables. You’re seeing some sort of multicolored marine monster gathering dust and inching ever closer to evolving consciousness.

Picture that monster entanglement of wires gone. Picture it slain by a concept so simple you could probably find it in a billion different products, from real bricks (with embossed interlocking elements) to LEGO bricks (more obvious) to string cheese. But nobody’s thought of using interlocking shapes to make wires stick together, until now – and it’s about time.

Don’t expect it to do anyone any good unless every device manufacturer out there starts using Line Block Cables. Or unless you’re willing to take the job in your own hands and rewire every gadget in your house. Which would only take a few hours, anyway.

To get into the details, this is a power cable like any other power cable on the market, with the same electrical properties, but adding a LEGO-like tongue-and-groove which allows different cables to be blended top to bottom.

What you end up with is a flexible block of cables that split only at the very end, where they need to be plugged in. Look under the table again. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?