As the name suggests, the produced HiPhone is an iPhone Inspired phone. It’s a cheap, at $75, good quality phone with a lot of interesting features.

Working with two SIM cards at the same time, it allows you to switch between them when making calls or managing addresses. This, along with Wi-Fi connectivity and a good, responsive and crystal clear touchscreen are what make this phone a good buy.

On the quirky side, the HiPhone has a gravity sensor which allows you to scroll and navigate menus without touching the screen. You shake and slide it through the air, and the menus roll along the way. Not bad. Full screen view lets you maximize apps for easier viewing – also not bad at all.

It’s fully unlocked for the main GSM frequency bands (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), so you can take it anywhere. Features are rounded out by FM Radio, Bluetooth, and Java capabilities.