Kinect is that Microsoft-built holy grail of motion-sensing technology for your Xbox 360, and the good about what games it will launch with have just been unleashed. There’s gonna be four sports minigame collections – Kinect Sports, Deca Sports Freedom, Game Party In Motion and Motion Sports.

It’s not exactly hard to say out loud, although all the ‘sports’ and ‘motion’ does get tiring by the end of the phrase. Not so tired is the $150 launch price, which includes the games bundle. With titles like Zumba Fitness and Sonic Free Riders, this sounds like something your nephew would play at a party with his friends.

Ignore that snarky comment, for people of every age, color and creed have been quick to adopt motion sensing goodness in general, and they have also pointed out that the Kinect is launching with 17 games, which is just one less than the 18 of the original Xbox launch. We notice that their math is indeed accurate and dare to point out that only 12 of the games will be available on launch day.

For the rest, you’ll have to break into Microsoft headquarters or kidnap one of their overlords, also known as CEO’s, or you could alternatively wait a few weeks, but we’ll that will just force us to take you off the cool-kids list.