Starting November Verizon Wireless Communications stores will exclusively carry Jabra’s new WAVE Bluetooth headset. Boasting 10 million units sold worldwide, and apparently voted the most stable and comfortable headset, Jabra isn’t being too arrogant by designing a tribute to its own designs.

Because that’s what the WAVE is – a tribute to behind the ear headsets like the Jabra EarWave boom and BT250, only with updated touches and features. It’s significantly thinner and sleeker, has wind noise reduction, Voice Guidance and Multiuse. There’s different layers of these technologies at work, and combined with Digital Signal Processing the end result is a much cleaner transmission.

And you might end up needing that clarity, because on the Jabra World of Apps Portal you can download voice-enabled apps that allow you to verbally dictate text messages and emails, update your status on Facebook or access a myriad other useful bits of information.