I don’t know who made a pact with the aliens to get this kind of technology, but apparently the tiny neodymium magnet on these hookless clothes hangers will support 5lbs of clothing, and a deluxe version take that up to 7.5lbs.

Oh physics, you are wonderful!

Replace the rod your old hangers were hanging from with a solid metal strip, and you’re ready to go. For some people this will mean saving some vertical space in the closets, maybe even stacking two rows of clothes on top of each other where previously only one row had been. The company producing the hookless hangers advertises 6 inches less height for shirts and 12 inches for pants.

But I don’t care much about that. I’ve always simply found the motion of unhooking and re-hooking the hangers annoying. Especially when you’re going through several sets of clothes at a time. Too much hooking.

On the cost side, it’s a lot, with a 5-pack of hookless wooden hangers costing $20.