There’s an English magazine that’s obsessed with both keyboards and toilets. It’s called Which? Magazine and it ran a study in 2008 comparing, you guessed it, toilets and keyboards. Turns out keyboards can carry five times more germs than toilet seats do, although we presume keyboard germs are less yucky. The ratio is surely even worse when it comes to public keyboards.

And if your keyboard is both public AND used by people who don’t wash their hands after using the toilet, well, that particular keyboard will probably be the surface where the end of the world begins.

Also in England, University of Hertfordshire researchers determined that a product called Germ Genie is very effective at killing keyboard germs. It shines its UV light onto the keyboard once a certain amount of time has passed with no finger movement in its scanning area. Intense UV light doesn’t do your skin any favors, so the device stops its sanitizing cycles if anyone’s hands interfere during one.

The Germ Genie annihilated 99 percent of germ populations across most of the keyboard in just two minutes, and it wiped the whole thing clean in just under ten. You can buy it from Falcon Innovations for $222.