With tablets stealing huge chunks of the market away from laptops, and e-readers chomping down on some of the potential customers for tablets, is there anything on the horizon that can bring a new and interesting combo of usability, portability and size?

The dual screen mobile phone that Fujitsu has been showing at CREATEC this week sure seems to fit the bill. While it’s still just a concept device, the hardware is fully functional. It’s only the software that’s not yet up to par.

Among the things demonstrated were apps scrolling across both screens (like a browser, contact or email list), and more interestingly – a feature where you explore photos on the bottom screen and contacts on the top screen, with the ability to drag photos and share it with whomever you please. But this is just a small taste of what could eventually be done with two separate screen. Really, the possibilities are endless.

The shape of the device seems very customizable, both displays can be flipped in portrait or landscape mode, creating a long linear phone, an L shape, or a square. But don’t expect to be buying this until at least 6 months from now.