The Japanese are always ahead of us in terms of health technology. They have to be, in order to sustain their work hours – and while that part of their lives is not enviable, the veritable omnipresence of negative ion generating gadgets in their workplaces is.

Negative ions have long been related to good health, they may actually be a necessity. Clean mountain air contains several times more negative ions than city air, and that says it all.

The Filterless Air Purifier takes it a step further, emitting electrons that attach to impurities, which generated negatively charged ions, in turn making the dirty particles head for the air cleaner’s positively charged collection tube. Unlike filters, this device doesn’t lose its potency with time, and it has been proven to attract particles 100 times smaller than bacteria (dust, pollen, smoke, etc).

At $329, the Filterless Air Purifier’s collection tube just rinses clean, and it will do its thing in a 540 square foot room in five hours.