Watch enough movies and you’ll find that vehicle violence and roadside madness are themes all too often rammed into our subconscious. Keep that in mind next time you give someone the finger while driving, for it may be the first step down a road you don’t want to travel. Yes, it does get the point across, yes, it will make you feel like you own the road, but would you still do it if you had a way of communicating with other drives that was somewhat like a mix between text messages and paper-rock-scissors?

The Driving LED Emoticon is a sign that sticks to your read window with a suction cup. It’s battery powered and wireless, with a remote control fixed to the front window or dashboard. Press various buttons and voila, you’re displaying messages to whoever is behind you.

Five messages come pre-programmed, and you may be able to program others. The five are “Thanks”, “Back Off”, “Sorry” and two smiling and winking faces.