Presumed to retail for $250, Barnes & Nobles Nook Color will be something of a hybrid between a tablet and an e-reader. It won’t have an e-ink screen, instead featuring a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen, which will be made by LG and have an anti-glare coating. This lets the Nook Color behave more like an all-around media player, functioning on the Android platform, but it also shortens its battery life to around 8 hours.

The Nook Color will display color books, photos, multimedia enhanced e-books, it will let you access the internet and even play games and watch video. But Barnes & Noble are focusing on what they do best, having partnered with Conde Nast and Hearst to offer color magazines both as single issues and as subscription. They’re also pushing a program to get developers to build Android applications specifically for the Nook Color.

It will weigh less than a pound and rise up to a half inch of thickness, but won’t have 3G and you won’t be able to use the general Android marketplace, but only the apps approved by Barnes & Noble. Media can be uploaded to the device by connecting it to a computer with a USB cable, and there’s Wi-Fi capability, which, together with integrated software, lets you share comments and excerpts through e-mail , Facebook or Twitter.