James Bond’s device from Tomorrow Never Dies, where he has complete control over his car through a miniature joystick? Not yet.

$300 gadget with a bunch of useful features? The Autobot, available now. It connect to your cars OBD-II connected and gives you a bunch of data about tire pressure, oil level and other indicators of your car’s fitness status – all right on your smartphone.

If you’re involved in an accident, AutoBot can be made to notify friends and family through text messages. You can also spy on your kids, getting a message whenever they leave a predefined area. There’s an AutoBot social network, and if you’re friend with someone you can track their car down. Sounds a little creepy.

Such devices usually have a monthly fee attached, but AutoBot supports its services through ads, but it’s targeted ads, which will probably end up gifting you many car-related coupons.