5 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 Won’t Be Dead On Arrival

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2 Comments to 5 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 Won’t Be Dead On Arrival

  1. I think #4 is really the only excuse to go with WinPho 7 , and don't feel that a closed app ecosystem is ultimately beneficial to users who value choice and want diversity in their hardware offerings.
    Keep in mind that despite the mess Google's made with their own Android market, Amazon among others is already stepping up to give customers another option = with Apple and Windows you're kinda stuck with whatever they put out. This has been fine for Apple users, since Apple goes the extra-mile and “gets-it” when it comes to user interface design, but Windows, well, they don't have the greatest track record with recent releases and app developers are going to be wary of the previous pitfalls of Winmo versions of Windows mobile operating systems.

    • I agree, Windows phone 7 stands no chance of being the iPhone killer, Android is the only one now that could compete with iPhone, RIM has been losing customers to iPhone and Android all the time, Symbian is dying as well.

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