If you spend any amount of time running, lifting or biking then you know music is paramount to a successful workout. But there is nothing worse than your earbuds lunging out of your ears mid stride let alone shite sound quality. We took a look at three reasonably priced buds and judged them based on sound quality, comfort and their ability to stay inserted during rigorous activity.

Of the three UrbanEars Medis headphones have the most unconventional approach. They’ve forgone the bud style and instead opted for a disc shaped phone that partially inserts into the ear. To keep the disc secure a small rubber nub wedges into the circumference of the ear.  There is also an inline mic.

To test UrbanEars Medis’s ear locking mechanism I grabbed my jump rope and set off for 10 minutes of jumping and swinging. Zero, yes zero times the buds fell out of my ears. It probably goes without saying but I didn’t have any problems with biking or lifting weights, even while lying horizontally during a bench press.

In terms of sound quality the Urban Ears lack significant bass response. They’re not completely devoid of this frequency and their design lends them to this shortcoming. To make matters worse the rubber nub that keeps them intact in your ear caused me to have so much pain that I had to remove them after just an hours use.

UrbanEars Medis are great for the super active, have reasonable sound quality but should be avoided by anyone who is planning casual use, such as sitting in a coffee shop.

Price: $40
Available at: Amazon


  • Rubber nub keeps phones inserted in your ear
  • Fabric cord
  • Inline Mic


  • Painful to wear over one hour
  • Lack deep bass

Next up is the Wicked Empire Lucky earbuds. Of the three buds they’re the most simple. There is no inline mic or any gimmicky features. They’re essentially a conventional ear bud.

Their bass response it present but at loud volumes tended to distort. The fidelity of the buds, while not stellar is reasonable for the average user.

I also tested these buds at the gym and thanks to their relatively shallow design (the bud isn’t very long) they stayed secure in my ears while jumping rope and working out.

The Wicked Empire Lucky Ear buds are surprisingly comfortable and although they lack top notch sound quality they’re a great choice for anyone who seeks a pair of gym headphones that stay secure in the ear and are a notch over Apple’s white earbuds.

Price: $25
Available at: Amazon


  • Secure fit
  • Nothing fancy but get the job done


  • Lack fidelity at high volumes
  • No inline mic or thrills to speak of

Last on the list is Scosche’s IDR350M offering. They’re an all white affair (other colors are available), inline mic with volume control, and include a variety of colored faceplates and ear buds sizes. There’s also a leather pouch, but something tells me most people won’t care about that.

The bass response on the Scosche earbuds were without a doubt the best. They’re also comfortable to wear and stayed intact during all of my workouts. In terms of over all fidelity they’re solid and include a variety of ear bud tips depending on your ear canal size.

Price: $24
Available at: Amazon


  • Solid bass response
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stay inserted in ears during activity
  • Inline mic


  • Packaging is super frustrating to open
  • Colored faceplates are gimmicky

It’s pretty apparent who the winner is this battle. To be completely clear, the UrbanEars Medis buds are best suited for those whose sport or activity involves a crap load of head movement. None of the buds are water resistant approved, but I had no technical difficulties after dripping buckets on any of them.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."