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Seriously Underpowered Luxury Laptop

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After having made a $6,700 MacBook, dubbed the most expensive MacBook ever, Munk Bogballe takes his obsession with expensive luxury laptops and transforms it into an entire line-up. Named the Classic Bespoke collection, it was introduced at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow, so if you weren’t invited – either skip...


Sennheiser PC 360 Gaming Headset


Sennheiser’s got the price to value ratio cornered in the headset market, and for a while now, they’ve entered the gaming market by adding microphones to their headphones. Their newest and biggest model is the PC 360, which is selling for $299, not exactly cheap – but cheap for Sennheiser...

T-shirt Canon 3

Gatling Gun T-shirt Canon


The geeks shall have the last laugh after all!  This T-shirt Canon can fire up to 3 shirts a second at a range up to 150 yards and can be controlled, position included, via a remote.  The canon itself weighs 160lbs and was built by Team254 of Bellarmine College Prepatory...


Magnestick Skiing Chairlift For Children


The Magnestick Skiing Chairlift Accident Prevention System is a good idea that started as a way of keeping kids safe on ski lifts, and then evolved into a little more than that. While wearing small and light – at a mere 200 grams – backpacks with a metallic plate on...

Carbon Fiber Renard GT

Renard GT Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Does Badass for $96k


Despite its aggressive dark build and $96k price weighing down hard on onlookers, the Renard GT’s monocoque body only weighs 24lbs. It’s stiffer than a traditional frame, and obviously much lighter. On top of that, most of its aluminum parts are manufactured from solid billets, no casting involved, and the...

filament lamp

Contemporary Old-Style Carbon Filament Lamps


London based design studio Scott, Rich & Victoria, started by New Zealanders Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle specializes in experimental furniture. Part of their ‘Year Apart Collection’, designed over the span of a year, is The Filament Lamp. Combining contemporary style with a 19th century build, it’s a light whose...

I-Tec Maverick Is The First Flying Car (video) (update)


UPDATE. You couldn’t come up with this one if you were a Hollywood screenwriter. A man named Steve Saint just got the first flying car certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. Saint, a Christian missionary, runs i-Tec, a firm that stands for “indigenous people’s technology and education center” but whose...