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Grace Digital GDI-IR2550P Pandora Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Grace Digital GDI-IR2550P Pandora Wi-Fi Internet Radio


We wouldn’t exactly call Grace Digital’s latest Internet radio a technical wonder, but where there is a problem there is a product.  The GDI-IR2550p is the first and only tabletop radio that incorporates all the Pandora controls into its front panel, which includes not only a thumb up/down button but...

knob tying shoes

SKCNI Freelock System For Tying Shoes


SKCNI’s Freelock System hails from Korea, and while it’s not exactly an example of self tying wireless shoelaces Back To The Future style, it’s different enough from normal shoelaces for us no notice. The system has a dial that, when turns, tightens or loosens the laces. It takes between one...

iSeeu Mirror for iPhone

iSeeU FaceTime Accessory For iPhone 3GS (video)


Korean company Playmass is the maker of a useful little accessory for the iPhone 3GS. Called iSeeU, it will let iPhone 3GS users make video calls without looking at the back of their smartphone, put simply – like the iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature. Lacking a front facing camera, the 3GS...


Illycafe Y1 Compact Coffee Maker

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After three years of arduous, strenuous, and probably coffee-driven research, the nice people from Illycaffe and MM Design, under the watchful leadership of Carlo Bach (yes, we know you’ve never heard of them) have come up with the Y1 – a supremely compact coffee machine, that takes aluminum, glass and...


Franklin Gambles With A Dedicated Electronic Phrasebook

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Franklin’s gamble with their Franklin Explorer Global Phrasebook thingie is that you’ll prefer a dedicated pocket translator to an app on your smartphone, if said translator has enough perks. Well the only real advantage here is that Franklin’s device comes with prerecorded phrases voiced by real people, not computer algorithms...


Breppie Covers For iPhone and iPod Earphones


Breppie Earphone Covers come in a wide array of colors and shapes meant to personalize (glitterize?) your Apple earphones. But that’s not their only purpose. Breppie covers help the earphones fit better in your ear and keeps them there securely, while keeping moisture, dirt and dust away from the internal...