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Powermat for iphone 4

Powermat For iPhone 4

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Until Powermat integrates their charging system into the iPhone by offering a replaceable back, I’m not really all that interested.  But something tells me it’s a bit beyond their control since I’m sure Apple didn’t wanna form a partnership, and their probably isn’t a way to cost effectively produce such...

Red Dead Undead

Red Dead Undead Multiplayer Trailer (video)


Red Dead Redemption has to be one of the most expansive sandbox games we’ve ever seen. So that’s why we’re so excited for “Red Dead Undead”.  The DLC will be available for download on the Xbox (800 points) and Playstation ($9.99) starting tomorrow (October 26th).  Below is a trailer depicting...

PSPGo Price Cut

Sony PSPGo Price Cut Coming


Looking to buy that someone a PSPGo this holiday?  Good news, because Sony just announced that they’ll cut the price of the handheld gaming system by 20%.  That means it will soon cost $199 (was $249) in the US and 16,800 yen (was 26,800 yen) in Japan.   The price...

Spywatch With Snake Cam

Spy Watch With Snake Cam


At first blush this is just ANOTHER spy watch.  It can record up to 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio or snap 2000 still pictures.  There is also a variety of games, which without much of a doubt will bore you to tears in a matter of minutes....