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Deafen Common Thieves With The Siren Padlock Alarm


The Siren Padlock Alarm is a metal padlock which looks like any other metal padlock you’ve ever come across, which is why it might be effective against someone otherwise able to disable an electronic alarm. Once unlawfully disturbed it will blast the perp and your neighborhood with a 10 second...

Filterless Air Purifier

Filterless Air Cleaner Rocks The Clean Air

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The Japanese are always ahead of us in terms of health technology. They have to be, in order to sustain their work hours – and while that part of their lives is not enviable, the veritable omnipresence of negative ion generating gadgets in their workplaces is. Negative ions have long...


Puny Telepresence MIDBot Will Get Eaten Alive By Future Robots


Brando’s MIDbot takes your laptop for a stroll around the house when you’re away, patrolling ominously and rather slowly, but what do you want – this ain’t 2030. Billed as an ultra low cost ‘telepresence robot’, it’s not really a robot, more like a chassis with one interactive robot arm....

iSkin Duo And Vu iPad Case Review


When it comes to Apple products I’m a purest at heart.  My Macbook Pro is devoid of any protection (think Malware) and my iPhone sits as raw as could be in my pocket.  And my iPad has largely remained unprotected with the exception of a sleeve from Booq Bags.  So...