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etch a sketch

Headcase Should Really Send Eddie Murphy An Etch A Sketch iPad Case


If anybody should own one of Headcase’s Etch a Sketch iPad cases, it’s Eddie Murphy. It just suits his casually and childishly obsessive nature, he would surely fiddle with the two white functionless dials until everyone around him believed they do indeed serve some purpose. He would fiddle with them...

miniTek siemens

miniTek Rules Over Your Siemens Hearing Aid


If you’ve got Siemens hearing aids, someone up there loves you, and as a consequence you can now stream music and patch calls directly into said devices. The Siemens miniTek is a small, ultraportable black box that will pick up audio from Bluetooth devices and stream it to your hearing...


iPad to iMac With The PadDock 10

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SMK has mapped the way from the iPad to the iMac, and it’s called the PadDock 10. Part of the future of tablets will be products like the PadDock, giving you extra functionality while you’re not on the road. Problem is that, while indeed reminiscent of the classic form of...

Colin Furze Scooter

Colin Forze Is Crazier Than His Scooter


When I first caught wind of Colin Furze’s super-fast mobility scooter, it was simply supposed to be the fastest scooter on earth. After the tiniest bit of googling, and some helpful comments, turns out he’s invented two scooters, one of them fast, the other boasting a flamethrower attached to its...


Standle Low-Key High-Usability iPad Case


The Standle is a very usable and versatile, and very cleanly designed case for the iPad. It can be stood up for easier reading in both portrait and landscape view. The landscape mode makes use of the carrying handle for support, and it can be used to stand it up...

iCobra Radar Detector

Cobra iRadar Detector Works With Your iApple (update)


UPDATE.  If you can’t yet afford a system that checks you’re awake at the wheel, driving way above the speed limit will hopefully stave off the sleep demons. And because you don’t want to stop and collect a ticket every time someone turns on a police radar, the Cobra has...

Integrated Eyetracker

Creepy Eyes Keep You Awake While Driving


Falling asleep at the wheel has been frowned upon for years now, and finally someone not named Coffee has decided to do something about it. The Integrated Eyetracker is being developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, in freeway friendly Germany. It uses up to six cameras mounted...


Sezmi: The Alternative To Cable TV


For about 8 months I’ve been devoid of cable TV in my household. It’s expensive and really not satisfying. So I’ve turned to sites like Netflix and Hulu to get 90% of my entertainment – I’m not gonna tell you about the other 10%. But there is a problem: I...

iPad Drycase

iPad Waterproof Case


I don’t know about you guys, but that last thing I wanna do with my iPad is bring it a large body of water.   But just in case you’re still making beach trips this summer fall Drycase now offers a a waterproof case for your iPad.  It’s probably comparable...

Joby GorillaTorch Blade Review


When you think Joby you think tripod, right? Not any more. The Joby Gorilla Torch Blade is the result of intelligent product design and form meets function. Up until this point, in fact up until I actually received the GorillaTorch Blade in the mail, I was a skeptic. I’ve laid...