Daily Archives: October 14, 2010

NZXT Avatar Mouse Contest

Win A NZXT Avatar Mouse From GadgetReview


It’s that time again. GadgetReview has teamed up with NZXT to give away one of their Avatar gaming mice. This bad boy rocks a 2600 dpi optical sensor, wired connectivity, 7 programmable keys and an ambidextrous design. We’re giving away one of these. To enter you must be a US...

Ultimate Chewbacca Costume

Top 10 Star Wars Halloween Costumes (video)


Nothing says Halloween like a Star Wars costume.  Old or young and you’ll know what it is and if you chose wisely you’ll be the admiration of every party.  So without further ado here is our list of Top 10 Star Wars Costumes. 10.  Chewbacca Collector’s Edition Adult Costume Unless your...

Cable Collar

Cable Collar


Quirky is at again and this time they’ve presented us with the Cable Collar.  The design is very, very simple.  It’s a piece of plastic that adheres to your outlet and keeps up to 24-inches of cord neatly wrapped up. They toyed with a handful of designs which involved replacing...

Verizon iPad

Verizon To Sell iPad With MiFi


Word came through today that Big Red (Verizon Wireless), will begin to sell the iPad bundled with their MiFi units on October 28th.  The pricing breaks down like this: $629.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 16GB + MiFi $729.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 32GB + MiFi $829.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 64GB + MiFi...

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited Edition Headphones

Pioneer Limited Edition HDJ-1000 Headphones


Catch my eye, please my…ears.  Okay, I concede, we can’t always have it all.  If you didn’t get that I was suggesting something else get pleased. These are Pioneer’s Limited Edition HDJ-1000 headphones.  The headphones were actually first produced in ’08, but Pioneer says’ they’ve now been updated for greater...


Razer Wireless Naga Epic MMO Mouse


Professional wireless gaming MMO mouse? Check. Seventeen buttons to customize, arranged in three interchangeable side panels? Check. That’s Razer’s new wireless Naga Epic, which lasts for 12 hours of hardcore gaming or 72 hours with the average human, and can be wired when you run out of juice. For $130...

renaul dezir

Renaul DeZir Electric Car Conceptually Rocks


Going for high torque and power, and a furiously unique design, the Renaul DeZir will live up to its name and be most desirable. Especially given its 100 mile electric range, which is more than weaker electric cars can boast. Its 150 horsepower electric motor is powered by a 24kw/h...


Dyson Groom Brush Vacuum Accessory


Pet owners of hairy dogs make it a habit to both vacuum attentively and brush their pets profusely. Dyson’s new Groom Brush accessory for your vacuum cleaner makes a good case for combining the two steps into one. It works like any standard wire pet brush, but when you’re done...

canon cross media station

Canon Cross Media Station Delights (video)


Here, have a short peek into a future you’ll someday grow to love. There’s nothing complicated about Canon’s prototype Cross Media Station, and that’s the point. Its sleek simplicity strikes a chord that reminds of sci-fi living rooms where everything is interconnected effortlessly. The Cross Media Station is a tabletop...

duck launcher

Office Warface Just Took A Turn For The Duck


Over at wired.com they’re training hard for a Full Metal Jacket reenactment, only their credo starts not with ‘this is my gun’, but ‘this is my duck gun’. And their main character is a girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with a girl shooting a duck gun in the office,...


Tipsee Light Wine Bottle Task Light


The Tipsee Light is a gadget that you never knew you wanted, but really, you do. It’s a task light for wine bottles, and bottles of all sort in fact. It would even work by gripping, clipping or hooking onto all sorts of other objects, like fishing rods, tool handles...