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FingerPrint Car Starter

Fingerprint Car Starter

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If you wanna be the envy of all the dads on the block, you need the Biometric Car Starter.  It’s an aftermarket part that costs $700 and ships from none other than Skymall. In terms of functionality it’s comparable to that of any kill switch you might find on a...

Wallee iPad Mount-1

Walee iPad Wall Mount


The Wallee iPad Mounting set will adhere your iPad to any wall of your choosing.  It’s essentially a case with a plastic back and an X cut out of it.  The mounting bracket screws into a wall of your choosing and includes an X shaped piece of plastic, that you...


Ballanza Mini Is The Smallest Ballanza Yet


The Mini is the smallest handheld Ballanza digital luggage scale made so far by the company. And that’s saying something, since they’re the first to make a personal digital luggage scale. At one-third of a pound and capable of weighing up to 100 pounds of tightly packed personal affairs, it’s...


adidas Dual Shoe Box


Is this no the coolest shoe box you’ve ever seen?  Called the Solebox, it contains Equipment Support and the adiZero Aegis sneakers.  We’re not too familiar with the sneaker line, but if Highsnobiety is to be believed this is the old and new of the sneaker model. Apparently only 20...

Arcarde Laptop Dock

Arcade Laptop Dock (video)


Playing games on a laptop will never equate to the experience of gaming on a console and large display.  Unless, you’ve got the ArcadeDock laptop dock.  The joystick flips open to reveal a laptop slot and a USB connection to the computer that powers the slide out keyboard and notebook...

color splash

Colored Splash Colored Flash


The Color Splash is a cheap, cheap plastic gadget that looks like a miniature coffee grinder, or a RAID array with teleportation hub, also miniature, and it’s for those people who are cool enough and talented enough to go photo-slumming with plasticky add-ons to their DSLR and still come up...


Best Buy Pushing Pause-Capable Insignia HD Radio

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The HD02 Radio tuner, released under the Best Buy Insignia brand, will be the first FM radio capable of live pause. It also bookmarks station and song data, and its Artist Experience feature displays images related to the currently playing song and artist on the device’s 3 inch color touchscreen....


Sony Eclipse Media Player Craves The Sun


The Eclipse is a very smooth looking concept media player that has all the bells and whistles needed and expected. It’s got Bluetooth for streaming music from an MP3 player, radio, and built in speakers. In a bid for counterintuitive naming, the Eclipse has a small photovoltaic cell array on...