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Timbuk2 Snoop

Timbuk2 Snoop Bag Will Appeal To Paparazzi Types


Update: Checkout our Timbuk2 Snoop Camera bag review. Timbuk2 finally managed to squeeze into their product line a camera friendly bag called the Snoop.  Perhaps the name is an attempt to appeal to paparazzi? Inside you’ll find a padded lens and camera compartment, with enough room at the rear to...

Sony Google TV

Sony’s Google TVs Are Here


Sony’s Google TVs are finally here and yes it will include that behemoth of a remote.  In terms of pricing we we’re off by $100 as of our price correction posting yesterday.  All sets (except the 24-inch) sport edge LED lighting and will cost $1,399.99 for the 46-inch (NSX-46GT1), $999.99...

JBl Soundstage 4

JBL Sound Stage IV


We gotta hand it to JBL.  In the grotesquely crowded marketplace of iPod Docks they’ve managed to conjure up a design that is eye catching, though it’s probably not the most aesthetically pleasing. The On Stage IV iPod/iPhone dock has four full-range transducers and a Weave design that JBL says...


T-Mobile’s Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 (update)

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Update: Checkout our HTC HD7 review. Among the first smartphones using the Windows Phone 7 platform is the HTC HD7. The short of the technical specs is a 1GHz processor, large 4.3-inch display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, TeleNav GPS Navigator, 8 or 16 GB internal storage and a 5 megapixel camera with...

Whose Suing Whom

Infographic: Whose Suing Who Of The Tech Titans

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Still scratching your head about which tech company is suing which tech company?  David McCandless from InformationIsBeautiful.net grabbed all the data he could from the Guardian Tech and the NY Times and came up with this sort of easy to follow infographic.  Yeah, I’m still confused, but at least it’s...

Zombie Hand Moon WM7v2

5 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 Won’t Be Dead On Arrival


Microsoft has taken its sweet time to release a suitable phone operating system, leading many pundits have stated clearly that the software giant is too late to succeed. But it isn’t. While down, Microsoft isn’t out, and here are five reasons why the software giant may yet succeed in the...

Google Driveless Car

Google To Conquer The Future Of Cars (video)


When Google is out and about testing robot cars, something big has to be behind it. Probably plans to change society on a level and in ways as complex as their engineers can figure out, because Google certainly wouldn’t be looking for a ‘car solution’ without a ‘social car problem’....


True Clean Towel With Binary Maths

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The True Clean Towel has a noble purpose on this earth, making sure you don’t mix the highs and the lows of your toweling experience. In a politically correct world, the True Clean Towel is here to make sure segregation persists when it comes to your face and “other places”....

USB Grenade

Even Bruce Willis Thinks This USB Drive Is A Bad Idea


This is a story about a man who picked up a used grenade from an Army Surplus store, and on his way home he eyed the Micro-SD reader on his keychain. A couple neuronal flashes later he had decided that a new 32GB Micro-SD card worthy of his grenade would...