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Live Action Skeet Shoot

Infrared Skeet Shoot Breeds Accurate Kids


To prepare for the teenage clay-pigeon shooting years, which will prepare them for the later bird-hunting years, here’s a live action skeet game for your kids. It uses an infrared gun to shoot targets that break apart when accurately targeted. There’s nothing dangerous about the gun, except for the realistic...


Herman Miller Sayl Chair With Memories Of Boats And Bridges


The Sayl chair, while initially cryptic in its sounding, can be consequently deciphered as having something to do with sailing. For me that came only after reading that its designer, Herman Miller, drew the shapes of the chair from the idealized form of sailboats and bridges. The chair indeed looks...

lightinthebox hiphone

Lightinthebox.com’s HiPhone Is Worth A Look (video)

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As the name suggests, the lightinthebox.com produced HiPhone is an iPhone Inspired phone. It’s a cheap, at $75, good quality phone with a lot of interesting features. Working with two SIM cards at the same time, it allows you to switch between them when making calls or managing addresses. This,...


Wireless Sound Hat Is A Wireless Sound.. Hat


If you’re going to outrun zombies, you need to be as aerodynamic as possible while keeping all you possessions safely strapped to your body. No unscheduled stops to pick up that thing that fell, ok? Big headphones are notorious for slowing down even the best of runners, and those small...


The EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar Works Fine For A While


The EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar is a classy looking piece of gadget (that’s also curiously reminiscent of an espresso machine – all the better to fit in your kitchen I suppose) that’s meant for keeping opened wine fresh. You put the quickly degrading wine bottle in the device, close...


Drivemocion Takes Your Emoticons On The Road


Watch enough movies and you’ll find that vehicle violence and roadside madness are themes all too often rammed into our subconscious. Keep that in mind next time you give someone the finger while driving, for it may be the first step down a road you don’t want to travel. Yes,...