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beats by dr dre

Beats By Dr. Dre Knocks Out Your Wallet


Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre’s line of high end portable audio systems has been busy adding new signature products to its already flashy lineup. The BeatBox portable speakers boast heavy duty ABS housing with black on black styling, silicon buttons, a built-in handle, and two 5.25 inch bass drivers and...


Xbox 360 To Receive Live TV Update


I live in an anti-cable TV household.  Cable TV is expensive, a waste of time and more often than not the programming is available online and streaming. With that said we just subscribe to an Internet plan that costs us $34.99 and use our Xbox 360 or Mac Mini to stream...

ipod nano dreamcast

Ressurect Your Dreamcast With A Nano-Implant


For those looking to feel a little tinge of nostalgia every time they use their iPod nano, you can follow in the modding footsteps of others and fit your nano inside the remains of an old Dreamcast VMU. In its day, the VMU (Visual Memory Unit) was a micro handheld,...

Sony Google TV Price

Sony Google TV Price Correction


Last week we reported that Sony Insider had obtained pricing for Sony’s Google TV sets.  Turns out they were wrong.  They now say that the sets will cost far less, though they still didn’t have the official price list.  Word is you can expect the 46-inch (NSX-46GT1) set to cost $1,399...

Docomo Gardening Sensor

Wireless Gardening Sensor Sends Data Right To Your Phone


I can barely manage to water the three plants I have on my roof deck, let alone keep them alive.  That’s why I need something like Docomo’s new Garden Sensor for my iPhone. Who knows, perhaps Easybloom will update their product with wireless capabilities? This handy device inserts into your...

Pogoplug Pro

Pogoplug Pro: Now With WiFi Built-in

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Cloud Engines has once again updated their Pogoplug device.  Officially called the Pogoplug Pro, it offers the same functionality as the previous model, which included the ability to connect up to 4 USB storage drives to your home’s network and access those drives any where you had an Internet connection....

Farmland Alarm Clock

Farm Land Alarm Clock


Farmville has grown to an astronomical level.  So, if you’ve got that someone special in your life that is obsessed with the Facebook game, you might wanna get them the Farmland Alarm Clock this holiday season. It has no connection with the game, with the exception that it uses farm...

Hyundai 70-inch Tablet

Hyundai 70-inch Tablet


This is Hyundai’s giant 70-inch touchscreen table.  The deets are few and far between.  In fact, they’re pretty much devoid of any existence.  But one thing is for sure: it looks like a giant iPhone 4.  No? We do know that is supports multitouch, can display a full HD picture,...


Line Block Cable Is The Best Invention Ever


Look beneath your computer table. You’re not seeing Line Block Cables. You’re seeing some sort of multicolored marine monster gathering dust and inching ever closer to evolving consciousness. Picture that monster entanglement of wires gone. Picture it slain by a concept so simple you could probably find it in a...

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review


Explaining why a keyboard is good or bad is a unique challenge, compared to other products. How a keyboard is isn’t a scientific study. Instead, it’s entirely based on feel and functionality, and ultimately, the keyboard that’s right for you will nine out of ten times be based solely on...