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Wireless Power Socket With Remote

Wireless Power Socket with Car Alarm Remote Control

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Trying to set the mood for that someone special?  Wanna kill the lights at the click of a button? Then you need, yes need the Wireless Power Socket with Remote Control.  It looks like it accepts plugs from around the world in addition to including a car alarm like remote for...

X-Dream Gyroxus X-Box Gaming Chair

X-Dream Gyroxus Articulating Gaming Chair


Racing games are a blast in the arcade, but what makes them so compelling is the fully articulating racing seat that conveys the banked turns and the whiplashing hairpins.  So, how do you bring that experience home? The X Dream Gyroxus X-Box Gaming Chair is a contoured seat that turns when...


Mac Museum Sells, Apple Fans Shed Tear


In news that is sure to male you rummage through the basement for old apple comuters, the Mac Museum of Franklin Park NJ was sold on eBay for $10,000. The sale happened after a total of 20 bids, and honeslty, we would have expected a higher final price. The Museum...


Reax Saves Lives Better Than You Can


Guess we find out something new everyday, and today was the day we found out that CPR doesn’t really work all that well. Seems it works less than 10% of the time, and can cause cracked ribs for older patients. Therefore, we salute the invention of Swedish University of Applied...


Yale Real Living Touchscreen Locks Keep It Simple(r)


Yale automated touchscreen locks are pretty touch. Watch this video and you’ll see one go through moderated amount of pretty much every kind of abuse you can throw at it. They key word here is moderated – sure, you could probably break it with the right tools and the right...


Jabra WAVE Updates The Jabra Behind The Ear Style


Starting November Verizon Wireless Communications stores will exclusively carry Jabra’s new WAVE Bluetooth headset. Boasting 10 million units sold worldwide, and apparently voted the most stable and comfortable headset, Jabra isn’t being too arrogant by designing a tribute to its own designs. Because that’s what the WAVE is – a...


AlphaUi Back-Type Keyboard For Gifted BackTypists

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The AlphaUi Back-Type keyboard is being marketed as a stylish, low volume, low encumbrance alternative to using touchscreen software keyboards – and that is certainly is. Whether it is for you or not depends on how you’d feel about typing blindly, and in reverse at the same time. The Back-Type...


Earthquake Safety Door Adds Some Peace Of Mind


For those living in earthquake prone areas no amount of earthquake studies and new technology will make them feel at ease, but you can bet every little bit helps. This earthquake resistant door was built to protect you from the initial life-threatening damage that occurs during earthquakes, and to extend...