Daily Archives: October 7, 2010

phosphor world time

Phosphorous World Time Looks Good, Travels Easy


There’s something about E Ink watches that is undeniably smooth, like they’re not just a way for manufacturers to take advantage of a trend. Maybe it’s the look of metal and “paper” together, it just says understated and classic. Phosphor is one of the premier makers of E Ink watches,...


Moleskin Knows How To Celebrate Pac Man


For the 30th anniversary of cult hero and videogame legend Pac-Man, many of us have shed a tear, but Moleskin did one better and came up with these Pac-Man themed notebooks. It’s a limited edition series, obviously, so get in while you can. The notebooks have their own Pac-Man cover...

cisco umi

Cisco Umi Brings Teleconferencing Home


Ciscos’s Umi is a consumer oriented living room HD teleconferencing system whose name suggests a YOU-me pronunciation that shows its family oriented nature. So do the press photos, by the way. To take advantage of it you need a range of Cisco hardware, like an HD camera with a microphone,...


Minox PX3D First Camera To Shoot For True 3D


Although only a concept, Minox’s collaboration with 3D-Competence brings to the market the first believable and competent 3D compact camera that outputs a final image which doesn’t need dorky glasses for viewing. It uses four vertical lenses lined one on top of the other towards some mathematically complex geometric purpose....