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Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG Replica Gaming Joystick


Okay, you’ve plunked down some serious cash on a top gaming machine, monitor and flight sim software.  But your mission isn’t complete until you’ve got your hands on an appropriate joystick. Enter the HOTAS WARTHOG, a full replica of the joystick, dual throttle system and dual throttle control panel of...

Sony Google TV Price

Sony Google TV Prices Leaked


Sony Insider has unearthed what appears to be the official price list of Sony’s line of Google TVs.  If you didn’t hear that right, Sony’s newest TV’s, which will be announced October 12th, will provide the same TV/Web experience as Logitech’s Revue Box.  Shall we get down to the details?...

GorillaTorch Blade

GorillaTorch Blade Tactical Flashlight


Once again Joby is at it again.  This time they’ve launch a new flash light called the GorillaTorch Blade.  Sounds badass, don’t it? They’re billing it as a tactical flashlight, which conjures up images of Navy Seals breaching a beach.  Close but no cigar.  The Blade uses a CREE XLamp...

Floating Clock

Floating Clock


At GadgetReview we’re suckers for optical illusions. The Suspend Mantel Clock by Umbra is made of walnut and covered in a glass dome.  You’d think once you owned this conversation starter you’d unravel the mystery, but according to the site’s marketing copy you shouldn’t “expect to learn any secrets here”. The...

Red Nintendo Wii

Red Nintendo Wii Celebrates Mario’s 25th


Why are we so obsessed with the Nintendo Wii and other video game consoles when they receive an all new finish?  After all, it’s about what is on the inside not on the outside, right?  You can put that one in your principal bank and smoke it. Conundrum notwithstanding, Nintendo...

fujitsu dual screen

Fujitsu Dual Screen Smartphone Opens Up World Of Possibilities

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With tablets stealing huge chunks of the market away from laptops, and e-readers chomping down on some of the potential customers for tablets, is there anything on the horizon that can bring a new and interesting combo of usability, portability and size? The dual screen mobile phone that Fujitsu has...

3d photo sculptures

Susy Oliveira’s Computerless 3D Graphics

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This pocket sized device allows you to spray 3D polygonal models straight onto the fabric of reality. The average man-sized model takes under half an hour to complete, and all the ingredients needed can be found in your kitchen or trashcan. Kind of like how they fueled the car form...

sony google tv remote

Sony’s Google TV Remote Might Someday Silence Critics


Look, there’s been a lot of complaining about the Google TV Remote that Sony let loose upon the world in an ad shown on ABC Nightline. I say let loose because people are calling it a monstrosity, a gigantic anomaly from another dimension. Or from the 80’s, as some have...


Squarehead’s Audioscope Must Be World’s Largest Microphone Array


Straight out of the Mission Impossible toolkit for TV sports producers and audio technicians comes Squarehead’s Audioscope. It’s a stadium-mounted (huh? Well, it is rather large..) carbon fiber disk that contains 325 microphones and a wide-angle camera for video overview. It can focus on a bubblegum balloon popping amidst the...


Suntouch Swing Shock Won’t Shame City Bikes


Not everybody goes gaga for mountain bikes. Yet most accessories look out of place on a pared down city bike. Not so with Suntour’s Swing Shock. Its white, minimalist design won’t look out of place no matter how pretty the bike you put it on is. With 30mm of travel,...