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Citi Card with Button Rewards

Citibank NextGen Smart Credit Cards (video)


Citibank’s new line of second generation credit cards somehow includes a battery, a chip and two buttons on the card itself and allows you to switch between using the regular credit mode, and purchasing things using Reward mode. So it’s the first iteration of a smart credit card. In Reward...


Collision Watch For Android Alternative To OnStar


If your car doesn’t support onboard crash notification, or if you don’t want to pay the full $199 a year OnStar fee, you can now use a $99 a year Android application called Collision Watch. It will be available by the end of the year and it will make use...

lockheed auto aim

Toughen Up, Here’s Aimbot For Sniper Rifles


In a theater of war snipers are the most feared and hated combatants. An experienced sniper is the closest thing to death from above, apart from actual death from above via high altitude bombing. There are historically verified accounts of snipers attaining confirmed kills numbering in the high hundreds. And...

buoyancy bazooka

Buoyancy Bazooka Saves Lives The Rambo Way

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It’s a common scenario. You’re out at sea with your friends in your favorite boat, drinking, playing Scrabble and watching Jaws. None of you are aware that someone in the group has decided to go for a swim and has suddenly been overcome by fatigue or sickness or playfully deadly...

audi spyder

Audi’s Spyder Hybrid Sports Cars Races Towards 128mpg


Audi’s been playing around with its electric E-tron R8 model, chopping of the roof to make it convertible and adding a diesel engine to put it in the more usable and commercially viable hybrid category. The new e-tron Spyder uses a lithium-ion battery hooked up to a couple 88bhp electric...