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iLuv iMM747

iLuv iMM747 iPad Dock Stereo System


At this point in the game it would be pretty remiss of iLuv if they didn’t release some sort of desktop system specifically for the iPad. With that said here is the iLuv iMM747, a stereo speaker dock built specifically for the iPad.  As expected it has a 30-pin dock...

Plane Finder AR iPhone app-1

Plane Finder AR Augmented Reality App Might Be A Terrorist’s Wet Dream


UPDATED What do you think?  Is an iPhone/Android app that tracks planes and displays them in an augmented reality a terrorist plot just waiting to unfold? Some say yes, others, especially those who produce that app say the info is already readily available and poses no real threat. The app...

mytouch 4G-2

myTouch 4G Announced

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If some reason you missed it, T-Mobile announced the myTouch 4G handset today.  It will launch in time for this holidays and will probably cost $199.99 after a two year contract.  You’ll find not only 4G connectivity, but the ability to partake in video chats via T-Mobile’s data network, something...

Ultrasone 10 Headphones

Ultrasone’s Edition 10 Headphones Cost An Eye Popping $2,800


If you thought that Ultrasone’s Edition 8 headphones made your wallet weep, think again.  The Ultrasone 10s are the ultimate in luxury and cost a gut wrenching $2,749.  For that you should receive a pair of headphones that are tweaked for even the most discerning of audiophiles. The outer ears are...

Samson Q3HD

Samson Zoom Q3HD Camcorder (update)

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Update: Checkout our Zoom Q3HD review. When Samson busted on the scene last year with the Zoom Q3 camcorder we we’re pretty psyched, despite it lacking the ability to capture HD video. Disappointment no more. Today, the company launched the Q3HD, a ‘roid injected version that offers the same great...

Google TV

Google TV Signs Deal With Netflix, HBO And Other Major Players (video)

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It looks like those rumors about Google TV struggling to sign up partners were, well, just rumors.  It isn’t to say every hurdle is behind them, but today they announced a handful of partners who have signed on for the enhanced experience, which if anything should get other major players...

Garmin Forerunner 410

Garmin Intros Forerunner 210 And 410, Daily GPS Watches


Today, Garmin expanded their line of GPS watches and introduced the Forerunner 410 and 210. As you’d assume, both track cadence, pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate and route.  When finished you can upload the data wirelessly using the ANT+ technology, which is transmitted to an included USB stick that...

Mw2 map pack

Modern Warfare 2 Map Packs Now On Sale


The next installment of COD is just around the corner, so it’s no surprise to see the map packs for MW2 go on sale. Until next Monday, 10/11, you can buy the Stimulus Pack or Resurgence Pack for 600 Microsoft Points each.  Many will argue that this should have been the launch...

Toshiba 3D TVs

Toshiba Regza GL1 TVs Do 3D Without Glasses


Much like Nintendo’s 3Ds, Toshiba is set to release a 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses. It will launch in Japan this December and be available in a 12-inch and 20-inch version.  Both sizes are probably too small for home theater use, but perhaps they’ll serve as some sort of...